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About ABM

The Anat Baniel Method  (ABM) is a cutting edge, science based approach that has the potential to transform the lives of adults and children.   ABM uses gentle touch and movement to create the conditions required by the brain to re-map itself.  Movement is what organizes the brain.  98% of the brain is devoted to movement.  The ABM system uses movement to activate the neuroplasticity

of the brain and to create new neurological patterns.

About Jan

I became an Anat Baniel Method Practitioner in April of 2013 after completing a 2 1/2 year training program with Anat Baniel in CA.  Having completed the Children's Mastery training, I also studied Anti-aging & Vitality (2014) and High Performers (2015) with Anat Baniel.


I have been teaching Neuro-movement lessons at the Chelsea Wellness Center since September 2013 and have a private practice in downtown Chelsea, MI along with doing Children's Clinics in Nashville and Memphis, TN.

For a worldwide listing of certified NeuroMovement® professionals serving Children with Special Needs, please visit

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