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About Jan Sevde

Certified ABM Practitioner

“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”-Moshe Feldenkrais

I found the Anat Baniel Method was the only type of work that relieved the back pain I had lived with for the past eight years.  I am a beekeeper and while lifting the heavy boxes full of  honey I herniated a disk in my back.  I tried many different modalities for the pain including massage, chiropractic work and also rolfing.  These all helped temporarily but then the pain returned.  I read the book, "Move Into Life" by Anat Baniel and was so intrigued that I took a class with her.  We did a lot of Transformational Movement Lessons in the class and I couldn't believe how much better my back and whole body felt.  I continued to do TML's between classes and I am no longer in pain.  I cannot even find the pain in my back I used to live with.  Finding ABM has really changed my life and the quality of my life has been much improved.


I have been teaching Transformational Movement Lessons at the Chelsea Wellness Center since September 2013.  I have seen so many improvements in people's ability to move better and with more comfort.


I give private lessons which are referred to as Functional Synthesis (FS).  These sessions last 40-45 minutes.  I guide your body through slow gentle movements.  This facilitates the formation of new neural pathways creating the underlying neurological network for better movement patterns .  This will help you reach new levels of performance and let go of habitual contractions.


Continuing Education:

3 Feldenkrais Mastery Courses with Jeremy Krauss in 2014/2015 in Atlanta, GA

Walk for Life/ Feldenkrais Class with Anastassi Soatas 

Vitality & Anti-Aging with Anat Baniel in 2014

High Performers with Anat Baniel in 2015

JKA Jeremy Krauss approach to Children with Special Needs,  2015 - 2016

Feldenkrais Mastery Course with Ellen Soloway (Eye Specialty Course) May 2016

Advanced Mastery Trainings with Suzi Marks and Sylvia Shoredike (2017, 2018, 2019,2020)

ABMNM Children's Mastery 5 (Movement, Thinking and Cognition) with Anat Baniel, February 2020

Workshop with Dr. Zelinsky OD (an optometrist noted worldwide for her work in neuro-optometric rehabilitation) March 2022

Workshop with Dr. Roman PhD (leading expert in CVI - Cortical Vision Impairment) March 2022


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