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Private Lessons

Functional Synthesis 

“Nothing eases suffering like human touch.” ― Bobby Fischer

What is Functional Synthesis?


A functional synthesis lesson is approximately 30 - 40 minutes.  You will lie on a table fully clothed.  By guiding  you through slow, gentle movements to increase awareness of your body and what you feel as you move helps promote new neural pathways to the brain.  I gently move your body in new patterns of movement to facilitate your awareness and stimulate natural learning through numerous variations.  This is typically very relaxing as your body lets go of habitual contractions.  You feel your body in a different way and learn new patterns of movement that will help you move through life with greater ease.


Private Lessons/ Functional Synthesis (FS) are available at 3 different locations.  Lessons are available for adults and children.


Chelsea Location:  Middle Square Professional Building, 134 West Middle St. Suite C, Chelsea, MI  48118


Nashville Location: The Learning Center at Therapy in a Bin, 4825 Trousdale Dr #216, Nashville, TN 37220

Memphis Location:  Fundamental Fitness, 699 Oakleaf Office Ln., Memphis, TN 38117

To Schedule a Lesson in Chelsea, MI

Nashville or Memphis, TN contact:


Call or text Jan at 734-649-8234
















ABM Neuro-movement® Children's Clinics:








Create new Possibilities with ABM Neuro-movement Lessons

Nashville & Memphis Children’s ABM Neuro-movement Intensive  


Jan Sevde is excited to bring the Anat Baniel Method for Children to Nashville and Memphis, TN.   This intensive Program will help further your child’s journey on his unique path to growth, health and neuro-development.  By using the ABM’s 9 Essentials, I go slow to connect with your child,  use movement with attention; this helps the brain to start perceiving differences, stimulating the nervous system to “Wake-Up” the brain which turns on the learning switch. 


Please Visit my Facebook page at:           Nashville Neuro-wellness Center

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