Group Classes

Transformational Movement Lessons

"Life is a balance between rest and movement" 

Tuesday Evenings, March 3 - April 28, 2020

Mindful Movement Balance Lessons at the Chelsea Wellness Center

This class will be from 5-6pm at the Chelsea Wellness Center and focus on Balance, sensing how your feet come into contact with the ground and being more clearly over your skeleton as you move in space.

Tuesday evenings from 5pm - 6pm, this class runs through May 31, 2020. During March and April we will be doing a special series on Balance.

Neuro-movement® Lessons at the Chelsea Wellness Center

Move to Improve!  Whole Body Neuro Fitness:  This class will focus on increasing mobility and range of motion in the pelvis, back, shoulders, and neck, letting go of habitual contractions that can cause pain.  If you have chronic pain, back pain or scoliosis this is a great class for you. Classes will be held at the Chelsea Wellness Center in the conference room on the main floor. Please wear Comfortable clothing.  

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A Neuro-movement® lesson also known as Transformational Movement Lesson (TML) consists of a group of students on the floor on mats, standing or in chairs, moving and learning through guided verbal instruction.  A typical session lasts about 40 - 50 minutes.  Initial movements are very small with an emphasis on awareness of the movement and how it affects your skeleton, musculature and emotions.  These small movements progress into more complex movements with greater magnitude and speed resulting in movement with more efficiency and less effort.

Locations for Neuro-movement Lessons:

Every Tuesday evening at the Chelsea Wellness Center from 5-6pm.

Chelsea Wellness Center

14800 E Old US Hwy 12

Chelsea, MI 48118